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U.S. "snatch" a plane mask ordered by France: pay cash at airport and increase


[The US "snatched" a plane mask ordered by France: Pay cash at the airport and increase the fare] 

According to the news on April 1st of Russian TV station and French "Liberation News" on April 1, France ’s PACA Regional Council Chairman Muselli revealed When the batch of emergency protective equipment was about to be shipped from abroad to France, the US importer paid directly at the airport and increased the price, stealing the masks ordered by France. Muselli told Russia TV today that PACA and other regions have ordered about 60 million masks in total. Muselli said that these masks were originally planned to arrive in France on the evening of April 2nd, but encountered unexpected troubles in logistics, that is, less friendly competition from the United States. It is reported that on the morning of the 1st, the American importer paid the cash directly at the airport and increased the price, buying all the goods from the exporter. The originally planned flight to France subsequently flew to the United States. French daily "Liberation" commented in the report that Americans are trying to buy any spot masks, disrupting exporters' shipments to other countries. An anonymous source said: "They pay double the price even before they see the goods, or use cash."