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US Confidential Report Questions Chinese Epidemic Data? Trump: No report received


As the epidemic of new crown pneumonia in European and American countries is getting increasingly severe and domestic public pressure is under pressure due to inadequate response, China has become the target of "flagging pans" in individual countries, and slandering Chinese data for "fraud" is one of the agenda.
According to a report by the US Consumer News and Business Channel (CNBC) on April 1, Bloomberg News earlier quoted three US officials as saying in a confidential report that the US intelligence community had questioned the number of diagnoses and deaths of new crown pneumonia announced in China in a confidential report.
As a result, this claim was slammed by their own President Trump, who himself said at a press conference that he had never received any report on the epidemic in China.
"How do we know if they (China) overreported or underreported," Trump replied in response to questions about China's outbreak data: "I'm not a Chinese accountant."

Trump denies existence of so-called questioning report on China outbreak data
According to real-time statistics from Hopkins University in the United States, as of 9:43 am on April 2, Beijing time, the cumulative number of confirmed cases of new crown pneumonia in the United States has reached 210,000, reaching 215,417, the cumulative number of deaths was 5,116, and the cumulative number of cured cases was 8,474. . The number of newly diagnosed and daily deaths in the United States has reached a new high in the past 24 hours, and the cumulative number of diagnoses and deaths far exceeds the data across China (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) (a total of 82,591 confirmed diagnoses and cumulative deaths). 3321 cases in total).

American transport plane loaded with Chinese medical supplies
To "make up for the dead sheep", the United States began to urgently transport medical supplies by air from China, and "special services" urgently assisted the state government. On March 29, a plane that took off from Shanghai and was loaded with 130,000 pairs of N95 masks, 1.7 million surgical masks, and 50,000 sets of protective clothing and other protective materials successfully arrived at New York's JFK International Airport. These are the first transport aircraft to arrive in New York under the White House senior adviser, Trump's son-in-law's emergency airlift program, the Air Bridge Project.
But even so, the arrogant questioning of China by the western world, led by the United States, has never been cut off, and the so-called "Chinese secrets" and "Chinese lies" are constantly being hyped. Just one day in April, our embassy in France and the British Embassy successively dismissed irrational articles by French media and British media that denigrated China's anti-epidemic achievements.
In the face of unwarranted accusations from foreign media, the World Health Organization (WHO) met on April 1st, stating that there are a large number of excellent scientific evidence-based publications in China and other places every day. Do not attribute part of the world to unwillingness to cooperate or be opaque In terms of information on global viral shedding research, there is one in Germany, one in Singapore, one in the United States, and four in China.
Song Luzheng, author of and researcher at the China Research Institute of Fudan University, also pointed out in the Paris Diary series that China ’s data is the most complete and reliable, both in terms of capabilities and testing policies. In terms of perspective, it also has the most reference value. Western published data does not include suspected, mild, or even asymptomatic people. Its accuracy is far worse than that of China.
"However, what is absurd in this world is that China has not accused the Western data of being inaccurate, but the West is rightly beating it."