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Mask CE

Mask CE
First, before CE certification of masks, you should understand the classification of masks:
Masks are divided into two categories in the European Union: respiratory protective masks and surgical masks; the industry is commonly used to refer to protective masks and medical masks.
Mask protection indicators generally include the following aspects:
1. Bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE);
2. Particle filtration efficiency (PFE):
3. Synthetic blood penetration resistance:
4. Pressure difference:
The two have different emphasis. Respiratory protective masks focus more on high particle filtration efficiency, while medical masks focus more on the protection of liquid and blood pressure splashes (high synthetic blood penetration resistance); usually, respiratory protective masks are experiencing major epidemics. It is often easier to be scarce, and in emergency, medical masks can also be used as the most basic means of respiratory protection.
Second, why do CE certification of masks?
Protective masks are under the control of the PPE personal protection directive, while medical masks are under the control of the quality of MDD medical devices. Therefore, whether it is a protective mask or a medical mask, CE certification is required for export to the EU.