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Cup mask machine


Cup mask machine

The mask machine is a multi-layer non-woven fabric made by hot pressing, folding forming, ultrasonic welding, scrap removal, ear strap bridge welding and other processes to produce a variety of masks with certain filtering performance. The mask equipment is not a single machine, it requires The cooperation of multiple machines completes various processes. The most popular mask equipment in the market includes; cup-shaped mask machine, non-woven flat mask machine, cup-shaped mask machine, 3M9001 / 9002 folding mask machine, duckbill mask machine, three-dimensional dust mask machine, etc.
Foreign name
Cup mask machine
Air pressure
5kg / c㎡
Machine size
3400 * 1230 * 1900MM
Machine weight
Maximum power
Working power

Basic Information
Cup mask machine is composed of a series of machines for the production of cup masks, including: cup mask forming machine, cup mask mask machine, turntable cup mask welding and slicing machine, cup mask breathing valve punching machine, cup Type mask nose line bonding machine, cup type mask ear strap spot welding machine, cup type mask monochrome printing machine, cup type mask breathing valve welding machine, etc.
Device Information
Folding cup mask forming machine
The cup-shaped mask forming machine can automatically complete multiple processes from feeding to one-time forming, cutting and returning. Compared with the traditional manual feeding, returning and cutting, it can save 3-5 labor, and can be saved every minute. Production of 30-36 masks, using PLC control system, touch screen settings, simple and fast operation, can be used by a single person, only need manual feeding and retrieving. Greatly improve production efficiency.
Parameters of automatic cup mask forming machine:
Air pressure: 5kg / c㎡
Machine size: 3400 * 1230 * 1900MM
Machine weight: 500KG
Maximum power: 10KW;
Working power: 5KW
Speed: 30-36PCS / MIN
Cup mask machine
The cup-shaped face mask mask machine is also called a slicer. It mainly uses the principles of ultrasonic cutting and automatic welding and edge sealing to complete the special-shaped cutting and welding of slices. This machine solves the shortcomings of traditional lace machine, such as inaccurate positioning, inaccurate size control, low production efficiency and high labor cost. It integrates many processes such as unwinding, roller pulling, ultrasonic cutting, waste separation, and finished product slicing, which greatly improves production efficiency, reduces production costs, and makes products more standardized, more stable in quality and more beautiful in appearance.
Automatic cup mask mask machine parameters:
Power supply voltage: 220V, 50 / 60HZ
Machine size: 840x630x1430mm
Weight: 450KG
Discharging frame size: 1550x620x1510mm
Air pressure: 6Kg / cm
Output: 50-60pcs / min
Power: 1800W
Frequency: 20KHZ
Features of automatic cup mask mask machine:
1. Automatic counting, effective control of production efficiency and production schedule.
2. Frequency conversion control, adjust equipment running speed according to actual needs.
3. Rotating control box, adjust the direction of the control box according to customer requirements.
4. Automatic collection of waste materials, so that waste materials can be automatically withdrawn, reducing physical labor for the operating staff.
5. Pull the tube into the material and position more accurately, which can control the width of the raw material to a minimum and save costs.
6. The length and size of the finished product are uniformly controlled with a deviation of ± 1mm, which effectively controls the length of the finished product, so that the slice can meet the production process requirements and eliminate waste.
7. Independent feeding rack, easy to pick and place and adjust raw materials.
Turntable cup mask welding and slicing machine
Turntable cup-shaped mask fusion edge punching machine mainly uses ultrasonic welding and automatic edge sealing to complete the welding and punching process of cup-shaped mask edge. The machine creatively combines the two completely independent processes of cup-shaped mask fusing and punching. The multi-station turntable is equipped with a cutting device for welding. The two heads for welding and cutting work at the same time. The PLC control system is used. , Touch screen setting, simple and convenient operation, can be used by a single person and a single machine, only need workers to unload and take materials, which can greatly save labor and make the production of cup masks easier and faster.
Features of rotary disc cup mask welding and slicing machine:
1. Automatic leveling device, the machine automatically adjusts the level, which greatly simplifies the use difficulty and ensures the punching effect.
2. Multi-station turntable structure, safer operation, can effectively reduce the occurrence of industrial accidents.
3. Melting and trimming are done on the same machine, positioning is more accurate, the trimming of the mask will be more uniform, and the appearance is more beautiful.
4. Gantry structure, so that the whole frame can withstand the greater punching force during the punching process, and the punching effect is better.
Rotary cup type mask welding and slicing machine parameters:
Power supply voltage: 220V, 50 / 60HZ
Product size: 800x1120x1750mm
Weight: 300KG
Power: 4200W
Air pressure: 6kg / cm
Output: 8-10 pieces / min
Folding cup type mask breathing valve punching machine
Equipment use
It is used for the punching of the breathing valve at the front end of the cup-shaped mask. It adopts a foot switch, which is easy to operate. The punching size and mask mold can be designed according to customer needs.
Machine characteristics
1. Precision punching
2. Fast speed, 50-60 per minute
3. Easy operation
4. Quiet and no noise
5. The machine is compact and does not take up space
Automatic Cup Mask Machine
Device parameters:
Power: 5Kw
Voltage: 220v
Weight: 500kg
Dimensions 3500 x 1500 x 1800mm
Efficiency: 20-70 / pcs
Air pressure: 5kg / c㎡
Features of automatic cup mask machine:
1. The advanced servo and constant temperature control system adopted is controlled by PLC program so that the material can be entered, formed, welded, and punched at once, and the entire production process is fully automated.
2. The equipment only needs to be equipped with a fully automatic cup-shaped mask nose bridge ear strap welding machine, and can produce countless market-oriented cup-shaped mask products.
3. The products are exquisitely made and the quality completely meets or exceeds the domestic and foreign inspection standards. At the same time, it saves more than 30% of material than previous mask equipment. Thus, in a real sense, cost reduction and efficiency improvement have been achieved!
Cup type mask ear strap spot welding machine
Mechanical parameters:
Air pressure: 3kg / CM
Power: 500W
Frequency: 35K
Voltage: 220V
Machine size: 800 * 600 * 1400MM
Capacity: 10--12 pieces / min
Machine performance:
1. The design of the machine is small and flexible, and the operation is simple and convenient.
2. Can be used for welding flat, inner ear straps / outer ear straps, cup-shaped masks, duckbill-shaped masks and other special-shaped masks.
3. After the mask body is completed, the ear strap is welded manually, the operation is simple, and the contact is firm and beautiful. Skilled workers complete the welding of mask ear straps to 10-12 pieces per minute.
1. Ultrasonic spot welding machine adopts original transducer, stable output, high-quality component assembly, reliable performance, complete machine design, convenient operation, mainly suitable for N95 masks (cup-shaped masks, dust masks, duckbill masks, flat surface) Masks, etc.) ear straps are designed for spot welding, with high production efficiency, simple operation, stable quality, etc .;
2. The double guide column design can solve the problem of backward tilt during welding;
3. The operation is simple, the welding spot is firm and beautiful after welding, and does not damage the material itself.
Printing machine
Widely used in various styles of N95 mask machine
Power: 500W
Voltage: 220V
Machine size: 690 * 400 * 1295MM
Capacity: 10--15 pieces / min
1. The microcomputer control has a high degree of automation and simple operation;
2.The printing stroke and speed can be adjusted to meet the requirements of different N95 mask series;
3.Automatically balance the scraper to ensure that the printing pressure is balanced;
4. Adopt imported shaft center and shaft sleeve to make screen scraper print smoothly;
5.The running speed can be adjusted independently, which is more convenient and fast to use


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